2020-2021 Ski Day Reservations

We want your 2020-2021 Winter experience to exceed your expectations, wherever you choose to spend it with us! We are excited to share details about the opening of ski season at different mountains as decisions are being made in a promising way. Due to the uniqueness of this year, Vail Resorts has implemented a reservation system for on mountain guests. With their plan in place, we’d like to share how significant it will be for you to purchase an Epic Pass in advance this season.Vail Mountain, Colorado

There are many reasons which make buying an Epic Pass so valuable; but this year a few of the perks are even clearer. To start, there are no blackout dates when Epic Pass holders have a reservation to be on the mountain. The ability to reserve your mountain dates gives you priority access to fun in the snow. Another piece to mention is the luxury of having Epic Coverage when you buy an Epic Pass. Epic Coverage is a refund system that protects your reservation and provides refunds when you become unavailable. Pass holders are able to reserve their choice of days before lift tickets are up for sale. Otherwise, below are some frequently asked questions which may provide you with more transparency on Vail Resorts’ plan as we approach the upcoming ski and ride season.

Why is Vail Resorts administering a reservation system?
• In order to operate the ski resorts in the safest manner possible and allow for physical distancing, the ski resorts will limit capacity on chair lifts and gondolas, as well as on-mountain dining facilities and other congregation areas.

What ensures my best chance of reserving the day I wish to ski or ride?
• Purchasing one of the Epic Pass products will ensure you have exclusive early season access through December 7th as no day lift tickets will be sold until December 8th. Additionally, as an Epic Pass holder, you will receive an early opportunity to reserve up to seven Priority Reservation Days for the core season (December 8 – April 4).

If I can’t make a reservation for my preferred dates will East West Hospitality refund my lodging?
• In the unlikely event that you are unable to reserve your preferred ski dates, East West Hospitality will not be providing a refund. In order to reserve the dates of your stay we highly recommend purchasing an Epic Pass and reserve your dates beginning November 6th.

I want to ski up to 7 days during my trip. How do I guarantee that I get those days?
• For Epic Pass holders, Priority Reservations can be made on a first come, first served basis beginning on November 6th. Up to 7 days can be reserved at one time for any resort for the “core dates” of December 8-April 4. For the most busy time periods we recommend that you purchase an Epic Pass product prior to November 6th. Then reserve your preferred dates.
• Beginning December 8th lift tickets will go on sale. Tickets will be resort and date specific, so you will have to choose a specific resort and the dates you plan to ski. These tickets serve as a “reservation” for your chosen date and resort.
• In addition, Epic Pass holders can reserve additional Week-of Reservations based on availability. These days are in addition to the 7 preferred dates above. Additional Week-of reservations can be made once your existing reservations are used.

I plan to ski more than 7 days or take multiple trips what should I do?
• Buy an Epic Pass in order to reserve your ski days. During the early November reservation period make Priority Reservations for the 7 days that are most likely to be sold out, for instance Saturdays or days over holidays, when the mountain experiences higher demand. Additional days can then be booked within 7 days of arrival for less busy time periods.

Is there a chance I might not be able to ski the days I want at the resort I prefer?
• Yes, there is a small chance that certain days will be sold out early, but those who have an Epic Pass and reserve up to 7 days in early November will have the best chance of attaining a reservation on their preferred dates.

If I book ski school am I guaranteed a reservation?
• Yes, your ski school reservation serves as your ski day reservation.

What if I plan for ski prior to December 8?
• You must have an Epic Pass to ski before December 8th and make Week-of Reservations within 7 days of your ski day. Because early season terrain can be limited, reservations will be limited based on the terrain available.

How many reservations does each resort allow each day?
• Although the resorts have not shared specific numbers, there will be very few days that will sell out for reservations. If there is limited terrain, this will impact the number of reservations available. Guests who purchase an Epic Pass and choose their preferred days in November should have no problem with their preferred reservation days. The amount of reservations may also be changed based on local government guidance.

Can I buy lift tickets when I arrive?
• All lift tickets will only be sold online this year, which means tickets cannot be purchased at the ticket window. Guests can purchase their tickets online beginning December 8th and then either have them mailed to their home or pick them up once they are in resort. Details can be found here: https://www.snow.com/planavacation/lifttickets.aspx

What is the difference between a lift ticket and an Epic Day Pass or an Epic Pass?
• Lift tickets can be purchased up to the day of arrival based on availability.
• The Epic Day Pass is valid for increments from 1 to 7 days during the season but must be purchased before they go off sale, typically in late November. The Epic Day Pass will allow you to make reservations for your preferred 1-7 days beginning November 6th.
• The Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, and other pass products are generally for guests planning to ski more than 7 days and have a variety of restrictions based on your needs. The Epic pass products will allow you to make Priority Reservations for your 7 preferred dates beginning November 6th.

Is the Epic and Epic Day passes refundable?
• Exceptions have been made this year, we suggest you visit https://www.epicpass.com/info/epic-coverage.aspx for details.
If you have any other questions about the process, please see Vail Resorts details here: https://www.epicpass.com/info/winter-experience.aspx or call 970-754-0008